home of the 2011 world flushing champion maggie


On the road in a hotel, a hunting lodge or in the house Journey has an
amazing off switch. He minds his own business until called upon to go
to work! He is great with kids and gets along well with other dogs.

Sire: Journey earned his AKC Master Hunter Title at 2 years old qualifying him for the 2016 AKC Master National. He then achieved 4 Finished passes in HRC.
In the fall of that same year it was time to start campaigning Journey in Upland Bird Dog Tournaments. Journey immediately made his mark taking 2nd in his first tournament at a year old in the puppy division qualifying him for the 2015 BDC World Championships. At 15 months old Journey made the finals of the 2015 BDC World Championships and became a fan favorite on the current reality show called "Bird Dog Wars' broadcasted on the Pursuit Channel (Like "Bird Dog Wars on Facebook to see Journey).
Early October 2016 Journey swept both the singles and puppy divisions at the BDC Top Gun Championships Super Major event earning his owner the prestigious "Black Jacket" only awarded to dogs that win Super Major events.
October 2016 would be a huge win, as Journey becomes BDC Upland World Champion! Journey became National Bird Dog Circuits Upland World Singles Flushing Champion in Meridan, KS on Oct 29, 2016!! Watch Bird Dog Wars season 2 to see Journey win it all.
Now days Journey spends his time mainly competing in high stakes Upland Bird Dog Tournaments with an occasional Field Trial Qualifying when time is permitted. He has been super close to being QAA and our goal is to add that to his already impressive resume.
When it comes to real-life hunting is when Journey excels the most. In the duck or goose blind Journey is an intense statue that sits calm, quiet, patient and obedient, waiting for the cue to be sent on birds that have been taken by the gun. It is extremely entertaining on each and every hunt he goes on, to see him get the thrill of "barrel rolling" a cripple! He is so in tune on the hunt that he is amazing to watch. He brings each bird back with lightning speed as if he knows
more birds are coming. Cut him loose in the upland field and all you can do is admire Journey's supreme athleticism, methodical gait, "until he dies endurance" and extreme nose that makes him a pure joy to hunt behind. He works relentlessly to bring birds to the gun and has a great savoy for finding crippled birds. He stays in range, quarters for whoever is afield and is constantly checking objectives for where birds could be which leads to a high percentage of achieving our limits on each hunt. It is so impressive to see Journey use all his skills and beyond in real life experience that leaves you with so many memories afield. It
seems as though every time you take Journey on a hunt he leaves you with some lasting memory.
Journey is the epitome of athleticism and looks in a Lab! He is 62 lbs of ripped muscle with a nice head, dark brown eyes, jet black nose and a shiny dark red coat that earns him compliments everywhere I take him. His pedigree is at the top for any Fox Red stud in the country.