home of the 2011 world flushing champion maggie



2011 - NBDCA Invitational - 4th place puppy at 8 months

2011 - NBDCA Top Gun Championships - 1st place Puppy

2011 - NBDCA Top Gun Championships - 1st place Master

2011 - Packerland Series - 1st place

2011 - Wolf River Club Challenge - 2nd Place

2011- MCKC Hunting Dog Expo Grouse Hunt - 1st place

2011 - MCKC Hunting Dog Expo Pheasant Hunt - 1st place

2011 - Great Lakes Hunting Dog Expo - 1st place

2011 - NBDCA Classic Championships - 1st place

2011 - Packerland Series - 1st place

2011 - Wisconsin Series Event Coyland Creek - 1st place Puppy

2011 - Packerland Series - 1st place

2011 - 4/4 AKC - Junior Hunter Title

2012 - Top Gun Championships - 2nd place Puppy

2012 - Top Gun Championships - 1st place Amateur

2012 - Packerland series - 1st place

2012 - 4/4 AKC - Senior Hunter Title

2012 - 1/1  Master pass

2012 - NBDCA Invitational - 2nd place Puppy

2012 - NBDCA Top Gun Master Flusher - 2nd place

2012 - NBDCA Nationals Master Class - 3rd place

2012 - MCKC Hunting Dog Expo Grouse Hunt - 1st place

2012 - MCKC Hunting Dog Expo Pheasant Hunt - 1st place

2012 - MCKC Hunting Dog Expo Mallard Frenzy - 2nd place

2012- Great Lakes Hunting Dog Expo - 1st place (1st ever back-back   (winner)

2012 - (certified) Therapy dog International (TDI)

2013 - 2/2 AKC Master Hunter passes

2014 - UKC Hunting Retreiver Title

2014 - AKC - Master Hunter Title

2014 - Qualified for Master Nationals

2014 - Labor day challenge top guns - 1st place

2014 - Qualified for NBDC world championships

2015 - Hunting Retriever Champion (HRCH)

2015 - Qualified for BDC Nationals

2016 RON & RON Benefit 1st place

2018 RON & RONS Benefit 2nd place

2019 Packer land Series 2nd place

2019 Packerland Series 1st place


    Lexi has shown she has what is takes to compete in upland competions. Her energy, athleticism and desire to retrieve are unmatched. Her endurance also sets her apart from the field. She is 61 pounds, extremely personable and is great around the home, and sweet in the field.

    She had the opportunity to put some of her upland training to work in Iowa at the BDC Invitational in January of 2011. Lexi ran the puppy class and after two days placed 4th. She was by far the youngest dog competing at 8 months old. In February of the same year we entered her into the puppy class at the NBDCA Top Gun Championships. She ran as our second dog with Maggie in the Master's Class (all age dogs). In the end Lexi had taken first place in both divisions, what a great start for her! Lexi has done therapy work from time to time. In 2012 she got Certified through Therapy Dog International (TDI). In 2014 Lexi earned her AKC Master title. She has earned  her HRCH Title in 2015. We ran out of time as we had to scratch her last test in september due to coming into season. She received that Title in the spring of 2015.  Lexi's mother is the 2011 World flushing Champion (Upland Maggie), and her father is a Field Champion (Meet Joe Black).

    Joe is 70 lbs of personality, He is very high powered, loves to hunt, train, and is very good in the house. He was sired by 2x NAFC 2x CNAFC Ebonstar Lean Mac (the all-time leading sire of field Champion Labrador Retreivers). Joe's Dam is FC-AFC Candlewood's Gotta B Good (full sister to 3x NFC Lottle who produced the most titled offspring in history). Joe made the National Derby list in 2000. He had two qualifying wins in 2001 and was high point qualifying dog for Madison Retreiver Club and Wisconsin Amateur Retreiver Club. Joe earned his Field Champion title in 2005. Four of Joe's littermates hold Field Champion titles: FC Lizzy, FC Rooster, FC Razz, and AFC Stryker.  Joe's 5 generation pedigree holds 18 Field Champions with 8 National Champions. Joe is also a pheasant guide dog, flushing and retreiving hundreds of pheasants.

DOB   4/17/10

AKC    SR61737703

UKC   R240-295



CERF   LR-374455