home of the 2011 world flushing champion maggie




DOB   4/18/05

AKC    SR25631806

OFA HIPS   LR-174700G35F-VPI


CERF   LR-50932/2008-34

2008-Wisconsin Championship Hunting Series Invitational (Champion Amateur Class)

2008-Qualified for NBDCA National Championships (Finalist)

2008-4/4 AKC (Junior Title)

2008-Labor Day Chucker Challenge (Champion Amateur Class)

2008-Labor Day Chucker Challenge (Doubles Runner Up)

2008-Qualified for NBDCA World Championships

2008-NBDCA US open (Champion Amateur Class)

2008-NBDCA (Amateur National Dog of The Year)

2008-NBDCA Players Chmpionships (Main Event Runner Up)

2008-Packerland Upland Bird Dog Series (5 first place finishes + Dog of The Year)

2009-NBDCA Top Gun Championships (Main Event 3rd Place)

2009-Qualified for NBDCA National Championships (Finalist)

2009-Wisconsin Championship Hunting Series Invitational (Main Event 3rd place)

2009-Labor Day Chucker Challenge (Main Event Runner Up)

2009-Packerland Upland Bird Dog Series (Dog of The Year)

2009-NBDCA World Flushing Championships (Doubles Finalist)

2010-Top Gun Championships (Main Event 3rd Place)

2010-Qualified for NBDCA National Championships

2010-NBDCA-Platinum Status Champion

2010-Wolf River Top Dog Club Challenge (1st place)

2010-NBDCA Nationals (Masters 3rd place)

2010-Qualified for NBDCA World Championships

2010-Ron & Rons Annual Pheasant Competition (1st place)

2010-NBDCA Players Championships (Single Dog Event 1st place)

2010-NBDCA World Fkushing Championships (Doubles Finalist)

2011- Top Gun Championships (3rd Place Main Event)

2011-Top Gun Championships (Single Dog Event 2nd Place)

2011-Ron & Rons Annual Pheasant Competition (2nd place)

2011-NBDCA Classic Championships (Doubles 1st place)

2011-NBDCA Classic Championships (Single Dog Event 1st place)

2011-NBDCA World Flushing Championships (Doubles 1st place)

2011-NBDCA World Flushing Championships (Overall Top Dog Champion)

2012- Therapy International dog  Certification

Maggie is one of a kind world class dog; a bird-finding machine. You will be hard-pressed to find another dog as talented and loving as her. She is a dedicated hunter in the field and a loving family pet at home. Maggie has the highest desire to retrieve and loves to please. Maggie is an accomplished hunter; she is used in our guide service and competes across the United States in upland hunting competitions.When she is not competing, she loves doing therapy work. She received her therapy certification in 2012. 

Maggie has hunted and retrieved thousands of birds. She was honored at the 13th annual NBDCA National Championships in March of 2008 for Amateur Dog of The Year. More recently Maggie was crowned the 2011 World Flushing Champion. She has a very diverse pedigree ranging from British Import Field Champion dogs to American & Canadian National and Amateur National Field Champions. Many of these dogs hold dual titles including AKC, BDC, HRC, APLA, and NAHRA.

A few notables are 2X NAFC, 2x CNAFC Ebonstar Lean Mac (Produced more field Championship Dogs than any other in history), and CNFC Call Me Mister Independence had over 95 all age points. GMPR, MHR  Riks Risky Raider MH (US Open Winner 2001). GMHRCH, GMPH, HRCH, UH, Midvale Acres Risen Belle MH, the first dog in the country to achieve the highest level Master titles in all four hunt test venues.